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Spring News
S is for the sun that shines on us - P is positive and loves to trust - R is for respect in every, little aspect - ING is knowing you are truly growING,-glowING, goING…
Spring’s returned to us at last!

Beautiful Spring-Welcome Home!

The robins have landed the seagulls call.
I’m singing my songs- for one and for all.
The winter came in with a storm full of rage
I felt like a songbird at home in my cage
At home in my cage-how strange that must sound.
What songbird is happy with feet on the ground?
The season has chimed as winter would fall
I’m dancing in time to a click-for my ball
The journey’s begun with a book and a page
I felt like a prop right at home on the stage
At home on the stage-how mysterious the sound
At home on a page-how marvelous the crown.

Upcoming Concerts
May 30, 2014 Carpe Diem Café:  7:00 PM
 552 Armour Road
June 28, 2014 All Things Canadian Festival
June 29, 2014 All Things Canadian Festival
July 27, 2014 New Actors' Colony Theatre: Time TBA
3007 Muskoka Road 169
July 2014 Algonquin Theatre Concerts in Parks
7:00PM  (Watch for Date)
August 16, 2014 All Things Canadian Festival
August 17, 2014 All Things Canadian Festival
August 23, 2014 Starry Night Street Festival
Alleycats Music & Art: Time TBA



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